North Carolina

Former Shooting Range – North Carolina

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Guyton Battery Casings – North Carolina

Treated approximately 8,000 tons of soil ex-situ. Interested in more stories like this? Fill out the form below for a free download.

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Confidential Site – North Carolina

Untreated soil contained lead totals of 3,740 mg/kg and antimony totals of 187 mg/kg. Lead was leaching at 1,660 mg/L and antimony at a concentration of 1.71 mg/L. TCLP site standards for antimony and lead were 0.5 mg/L and 5 mg/L, respectively. Dosage rates of 4% to 5% EnviroBlend® 80/20 Coarse reduced antimony [...]

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Pre-Regulatory Landfill Closure – North Carolina

Soil was treated on site to optimize cost and disposed off site. Land was purchased by the town for a Greenspace and nature path.

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Winston-Salem Police Firing Range – North Carolina

Remediated 2,400 tons of lead contaminated soil from municipal firing range by stabilizing the soil with the use of “EnviroBlend” and transporting stabilized soils to local land fill.

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Seymour Johnson AFB – North Carolina

Performed the project at one half the cost of the alternative

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