In summer 2011, A&D Environmental Services, Inc. (A&D Environmental) was contracted by the engineering firm MMG to remediate this former small-arms firing range in Goldsboro, NC. In addition to small-arms bullets and debris, the site was screened for munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) including unexploded ordnance (UXO). MMG managed the site and supplied UXO technicians throughout the project duration. A&D Environmental has completed many similar sites and while the base initially assumed that all materials would be managed as RCRA hazardous waste for TCLP lead levels, the state regulators agreed that an on-site treatment step would be allowable.

A&D Environmental excavated and screened over 4,000 tons of lead-impacted soils. The soils were mixed in-situ in 100-ton batches utilizing a 3% admix of EnviroBlend® 90/10 Coarse. Samples were collected for every 200 cubic yards generated. On the first treatment pass, 100% of the soils were rendered RCRA non-hazardous.

The resulting effect to the project bottom line was a savings of over $600,000 to the customer by eliminating the RCRA hazardous characteristic. Following removal of the impacted soils, A&D demolished the range concrete retaining walls and graded the former soil mound to match surrounding grades.

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