CMC Lite Yard- Former Pesticide Production – Minnesota

Successfully treated with only 2% dosage of EnviroBlend chemistry.

CMC Lite Yard- Former Pesticide Production – Minnesota2022-01-11T02:35:40+00:00

Railroad Company – Minnesota

On-site stabilization with EnviroBlend recently saved a large railroad company over $8 million dollars in hazardous waste transportation and disposal costs

Railroad Company – Minnesota2022-01-10T18:30:19+00:00

Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant – Minnesota

EnviroBlend was used for the stabilization of 47,000 tons of soil in area consisting of residential, commercial, industrial, wetlands and woodlands

Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant – Minnesota2022-01-10T18:37:03+00:00

Privately Held Firing Range – Minnesota

Treated approximately 2,000cubic yards of soil in stockpiles ex-situ

Privately Held Firing Range – Minnesota2022-01-11T03:04:47+00:00

Former Pesticide Production Site – Minnesota

More than 15,000 tons of contaminated soil treated and removed from the site.

Former Pesticide Production Site – Minnesota2022-01-10T18:26:40+00:00
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