The Callahan Mine Superfund Site is the location of a 150-acre former zinc/copper open-pit mine adjacent to a residential neighborhood. Charter executed remediation of OU1 to address mine contamination (lead, arsenic, and PCBs) present in the residential use area. Lead, arsenic, and PCBs were discovered to exceed acceptable levels for human contact and long-term exposure. The mine ore pad was the source of significant groundwater contamination.

Project Highlights

  • On-site treatment with EnviroBlend of 3,000 tons of TCLP-failed lead mine waste prior to offsite disposal
  • Excavate and relocate metal-impacted soils from residential properties: 5,000 cy of lead and arsenic contaminated soil removed
  • Excavate, stockpile, characterize and dispose of PCB contamination: 15,000 tons of PCB impacted soils
  • Total of 65,000 tons of contaminated soil excavated and staged
  • 22,000 cy of ore material relocated and installed as a multi-layer soil and geotextile cap to cover <10ppm PCBs
  • Site improvements to minimize discharge runoff

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