Automobile Parts Manufacturer – Indiana

Performed the project at one half the cost of the alternative

Automobile Parts Manufacturer – Indiana2022-02-11T14:58:39+00:00

Marina Cliffs Barrel Site – Illinois

Performed the project at one half the cost of the alternative

Marina Cliffs Barrel Site – Illinois2022-01-10T18:50:59+00:00

Philotechnics – Tennessee

Nuclear weapons manufacturing plant

Philotechnics – Tennessee2022-01-11T03:23:59+00:00

Industrial Waste Disposal NPL Site – South Carolina

Project was performed for a final cost of $7 million versus the preliminary cost estimated at $12-$25 million

Industrial Waste Disposal NPL Site – South Carolina2022-02-11T18:20:39+00:00

Former Tomco Wood-Preserving Site – Indiana

Excavation along with in-situ EnviroBlend remediation

Former Tomco Wood-Preserving Site – Indiana2022-02-11T18:05:27+00:00

Industrial Waste Disposal – South Carolina

Constructively reused treated soil, sludge, and waste.

Industrial Waste Disposal – South Carolina2022-01-07T21:01:59+00:00

Former Pesticide Production Site – Minnesota

More than 15,000 tons of contaminated soil treated and removed from the site.

Former Pesticide Production Site – Minnesota2022-01-10T18:26:40+00:00

Former Manufacturing Site – Missouri

C Comp and D Comp samples resulted in 1,170 mg/kg and 4,900 mg/kg TCLP arsenic, respectively.

Former Manufacturing Site – Missouri2022-01-10T18:53:41+00:00

Former Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility – Tennessee

A dosage rate of 1% wt./wt. EnviroBlend HXD reduced arsenic leachability to 0.69 mg/L

Former Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility – Tennessee2022-01-10T18:07:41+00:00

AIG Technical Services, Inc. – Indiana

Successfully treated soil with only 2 percent dosage of EnviroBlend®

AIG Technical Services, Inc. – Indiana2022-01-10T18:19:51+00:00
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